Advantages of CNC metal processing

The CNC metal processing division was established in November 2008 to enhance our production capabilities and the scope of the services we offer. We have a numerically controlled vertical processing centre to manufacture individual components – MCV 1016 QUICK.

The essential advantages of this machine include:

■ table dimensions: 1300 mm x 600 mm
■ traverse range: X – 1016 mm, Y – 610 mm, Z – 710 mm
■ max. component mass: 700 kg
■ accuracy of repeatability: 0.003 mm
■ spindle speed: 20–10,000 rev/min.

We are pleased to inform you that in May 2014 we received a new machine – a CNC PUMA 2600YB turning machine with skew bed, manufactured by DOOSAN. The machine has an additional Y-axis and powered tools mounted on a revolving head, which in addition to turning operations enable the milling and turning of components from a single attachment point.

The essential advantages of the machine include:

■ clearance above the bed: 680 mm
■ maximum turning diameter: ø376 mm
■ maximum turning length: 725 mm
■ spindle pass diameter: ø102 mm
■ travel:
■ X-axis – 260 mm
■ Z-axis – 830 mm
■ Y-axis – 105 (+/- 52.5)
■ C-axis – 360° (0.001°)
■ tool warehouse – number of tool stations: 12 (24 index), including powered tools
■ automated tooling probe
■ hydraulic 3-jaw holder: ø315

These machines provide us with new possibilities of performing more precise and complex operations, both in respect of unit and serial production, and include:

■ CNC milling;
■ CNC drilling;
■ CNC turning;
■ CNC reaming;
■ CNC threading;
■ CNC engraving;
■ including chucks, tools etc.

We will be pleased to answer all your requests for quotations.