Konstrukcje stalowe
We manufacture steel structures (black and stainless steel) and aluminium structures. Our specialists are certified to weld such structures using the MIG-MAG and TIG methods. Our technical capabilities allow homogenous structures to be processed in lengths of up to 6 metres.

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Przykładowe konstrukcje stalowe

Obróbka CNC
In November 2008 we opened a metal processing division based on CNC machines. We offer the machining of components using computer numerically controlled machine tools such as CNC milling machine and CNC turning machine.

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Maszyna CNC

We manufacture elements for the lashing and placement of containers and vehicle semi-trailers, such as:
■ sockets, cones, and container mounting shoes
■ bases to mount vehicle semi-trailers

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Elementy do mocowania kontenerów

Professional metal processing on CNC machines

Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe POM Sztum Sp. z o.o. specialises in the production and processing of components made from black and stainless steel as well as aluminium. We manufacture steel structures and handle CNC processing based on the client’s technical drawings and documentation.

We have been building a strong market presence continuously since 1991, from the onset offering high quality services that has allowed us to acquire an extensive range of regular clients – both from Poland and abroad. Our state of the art metal processing facility, which includes milling and turning machines, allows us to manufacture products enjoying perfect dimensional repeatability and excellent surface finish. Our products are highly valued by demanding clients from the countries of the European Union, the high quality of our products enabling us to work in partnership with not just companies from the Pomeranian Province, but also with those from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Norway and Great Britain. We handle orders from the shipyard, construction and mechanical engineering industries.

In all our operations we strive to achieve the highest quality in terms of products and services. As mechanical metal processing requires particular precision, we use state of the art CNC machines and employ qualified personnel in the production of steel elements. Driven by continuous growth and improving the quality of our products, while also increasing the numbers of orders, means we need to continuously improve our production management processes and maintain the training of our employees at a suitably high level. The significant reputation of our company helped us to work together with Thyssen Krupp Encoke during the construction of the Schwelgern coke plant, which has a total production capability of 500 tonnes of steel in a 6 month period with a total of 20 employees. Our company cooperates on regular basis with zinc electroplating and hot galvanisation plants, as well as with companies providing other anti-corrosion systems, i.e. sanding and powder and spray painting. We offer our clients individual, convenient terms of payment, which are determined depending on the size and type of order.

If you are looking for a reliable company providing steel welding and metal processing with CNC machines, call our trade department or just come and see us at our office.

Osprzęt kontenerowy
What we offer is supplemented by the provision of other services related to metal processing, such as cutting, bending, press milling, machinist services, and the retail sale of steel mill products.

We are looking for partners in the retail sale of steel mill products.

We additionally offer an accounting-bookkeeping service.

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